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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At All Souls we believe that every child has the ability to achieve and find success during their time with us. We aim to establish pupils' strengths and educational needs as soon as they start school and, in this way, develop programmes of support that will help all of our pupils achieve their potential in their future.

Special Educational Provision means different or additional support other than that which is generally made for children of the same age. Each class teacher adapts their teaching to meet the needs of each pupil. However, some children need more specialised support or intervention.

pupils with disabilities

At All Souls we believe that all pupils regardless of race, gender or disabilities should have equal access to the curriculum in order to achieve to their highest potential. Currently, the SENCO, class teacher and learning support assistants collaborate in order to provide resources and support that will enable pupils with a learning disability to participate fully in the school curriculum. For more information, please refer to the school's Special Educational Needs Policy.

Whilst our school is built over a number of floors, we do have a disabled access and disabled toilet. For more information please refer to the school’s Disability and Access Policy.

Withdrawal groups have proven to be very successful in enabling access to the curriculum in Literacy and Numeracy. The school provides intervention in the form of Catch Up and Five Minute box Literacy and Numeracy support, which provides individual support by trained Teaching Assistants. Additional support is positively enjoyed by pupils and valued by parents as an additional learning opportunity for their children. Additional intervention is also provided depending on the needs of pupils. Pupil Premium funding is used to provide much of this intervention.


To see the Westminster Local Offer for SEND, please click on the link:                 



As a fully qualified Art Therapist, Steph works closely with school staff and family members to effectively support the needs of children who, for various reasons, are finding it difficult to get the most from their time in school.  When difficult emotional issues, such as a family bereavement, problems with peer relationships, or changes in family structure are affecting a child’s sense of well-being, a referral for Art Therapy can be made.


Art Therapy is a form of therapy that offers the opportunity for self-expression and can be helpful to children of all ages as a way to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe, consistent, and supportive environment.  The creative process encourages the development of imagination, spontaneity, and personal identity, and encourages personal growth.


Steph also runs a New Arrivals  and Year 6 Transition Group. She encourages children who are new to the school to use art-making as a fun way to share their thoughts and feelings with other children.  The group provides a space for  children to share their experience and talk about how they feel.  The group aims to help children make new friendships and support each other, build confidence, and develop a sense of belonging.


Art Therapists are state registered and receive regular supervision to ensure a safe and professional practice.