All Souls C of E Primary School


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Dear Parents and Friends,

“Bienvenidos” to our Autumn Term 2 school year. I hope you enjoyed your holidays and are all refreshed and ready for this new term!

My main aim is to develop the four skills of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing by following the topic of each class. So, children will have the chance to develop the same topic but in Spanish.  Lessons are reinforced by Spanish grammar and phonetics.

The pupils are making excellent progress and are really enjoying their learning.


Topics for this term by class:


EYFS: All about me- YO

Year 1: Transports- Transportes

Year 2: Food- La comida

Year 3: Wolves- lobos

Year 4: chocolate

Year 5: The Victorians- la era Victoriana

Year 6: The Victorians- la era Victoriana


Please don’t hesitate to come and see me after school to say HOLA and if you have any questions or queries.


Mr Gonzalo Valenzuela

Spanish Teacher