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All Souls C of E Primary School


Our School's Christian Values

Schools and teachers are a major influence on the developing values of children and young people. Children learn values at school from relationships; everyday classroom interactions from the examples set by adults; and, from more formal attempts led by teachers to engage in values education.

Meaning, ethics and vision must shape the practice of education and as a church school we have the responsibility to ground our values in the teachings of the Christian Faith. It is our Christian tradition which gives our values content and the stories we share with children the values' moral substance.

We select 4 Values over the course of the school year to focus on. However, all the values underpin everything we do at All Souls C of E Primary School and no one value is ever isolated from the others. 

Our Christian Values work within our foundations to help us fulfil our Vision (Be the best you can be) and live out our Mission Statement (We learn and grow through faith, hope and love).

The Teaching of Values at All Souls


These values are ones that are shared by many people in this country because the Christian faith has for centuries been a driving force in our education and legal system and those values have made their mark on our history.

We actively teach our values in all we do. They are the focus of our Collective Worships and our Class Reflection time. They help us develop our strong ethos.

Whilst All Souls is a Christian school, we strongly encourage our pupils to regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and tolerance.


Charity work


We work closely with local charities through outreach work with All Souls Clubhouse.

For example, last year at our Harvest Festival we collected lots of items to donate to ASLAN (our local homeless charity). 

We also get involved with hand-out activities such as helping serve lunch at the Elderly in the Community local lunch group and singing at charity concerts. 

this term our school value is 'Wisdom'. 


“It’s no good shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.”



The Wise and Foolish Builders

(Matthew 7: 24-27)


We explore together:

  • Remembering to let other people know when we are thankful
  • Not taking things for granted
  • Practical ways of showing gratitude
  • How it feels when someone thanks you! 


Our Christian values are listed below.

Please click on any of them you wish to find out more about them within the context of our school.


Compassion - to love those living alongside us.

Perseverance - to overcome the challenges we face.

Thankfulness - for all that God has given us.

Wisdom - to find our way through life.