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All Souls C of E Primary School






We take a Literature-led approach to the teaching of writing. 

We aim to use high quality books where the diversity within our school is reflected.  Through these texts, we provide children with high-quality examples of writing, exposure to rich vocabulary, opportunities for their own meaningful writing and sparks to unleash their creativity.



We use the Literary Curriculum as the basis for our daily Literacy lessons from Year 1 to 6, which we supplement as appropriate.

Throughout the school, high quality texts are at the core of our teaching of writing.  Where possible, core texts link to wider curriculum themes.  Context is crucial for engaging children and so we use our core texts to give purpose to writing and grammar objectives. 

We always aim for writing opportunities to be meaningful and to feel authentic - the audience and purpose of every piece of writing is clear.  Books offer this opportunity; for example, writing to explain, persuade, inform or instruct can all be embedded within a core text.

Writing in a range of genres is taught through careful analysis of pre-existing texts, precise modelling and plenty of practice opportunities for the children. 

Children are taught how to plan, organise and evaluate their writing. 

Cursive handwriting is taught from Year 2 to ensure children are able to write quickly and fluently.


Objectives are carefully mapped to ensure full coverage of all National Curriculum requirements for English.  In many cases, objectives are covered more than once and children have opportunities to apply these several times over the course of a year, as well as to consolidate prior knowledge from previous years.  This approach supports children to think deeply and develop skills with depth and increasing independence.

The Literary Curriculum



Children at All Souls are confident, independent and creative writers.

They enjoy producing extended pieces of writing on a regular basis. 

Children make very good progress through the school and our writing outcomes in KS1 and KS2 are above the national average.