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Welcome to EARLY YEARS Foundation Stage

The EYFS Team comprises of:


Miss. Fellows - EYFS Lead/Senior Teacher

Katie Shepherd - EYFS Teacher

Rusna - Senior Nursery Nurse

Ayasha - Nursery Nurse

Emmalyn - Nursery Nurse 

Wendy - Teaching Assistant

Dolly - Speech and Language Support Assistant

Claudia - Learning Support Assistant


This term's topic is ALL ABOUT ME!

 This term's Newsletter and Timetable - Autumn Term 1.


In the first few weeks, during the settling-in period, we will be focusing on these elements from the EYFS Curriculum:

Communication & Language (C&L)


Listening - sitting quietly and attentively during stories and activities

Understanding - responding to simple and multi-step instructions; retell a story

Speaking - to communicate with peers and adults appropriately; give clear and sensible responses

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Self-confidence and Self-awareness - gain confidence in talking to others and expressing own needs, wants, interests and opinions

Managing Feelings and Behaviour - aware of the boundaries set, and of behavioural expectations in the setting

Making Relationships - demonstrate friendly behaviour, initiating conversations and forming good relationships with others, taking account of what others say.

Physical Development (PD)

Moving and Handling - negotiating space successfully in a manner of different ways; practicing walking up and down stairs; use of simple tools, e.g. scissors

Health and Self-care - to remain dry and clean during the day; tell an adult of needs


Reading - listen to and join in stories, poems and songs; hear and say initial sounds; links sounds to letters, naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet (phoneme and grapheme correspondence)

Writing - give meaning to mark making; phoneme and grapheme correspondence; cvc words


Number - 1:1 correspondence; numeral to quantity matching; number formation

Space, Shape and Measure - structure of a whole day (time); 2D shapes

Understanding the World (UtW)

People and Communities - show interest in family and friends; enjoying customs and routines

The World - comments and questions about familiar aspects of their world; answering how and why questions

Technology - know how to operate simple equipment; interact with age-appropriate computer software

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

Exploring Media and Materials - use simple tools and resources effectively

Being Imaginative - build on role-play and cooperative play as part of a group's narrative




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