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INTRODUCTION to our curriculum

At All Souls we teach a broad and balanced, Creative Curriculum which is based around exciting cross-curricular projects and meaningful, stimulating tasks. Our aim is for all children to become confident, self-motivated and highly engaged learners who achieve their full God-given potential.

Our curriculum has been carefully developed to:

  • Encourage children’s imagination and originality
  • Enable children to be active partners in their learning
  • Provide child-centred learning with many first-hand experiences
  • Allow children to make links and apply their learning across the curriculum
  • Develop life-long learning skills which are relevant for an unknown, changing future: resourcefulness, resilience, reflectiveness, reciprocity (good relationships)
  • Incorporate a range of teaching strategies and learning styles
  • Involve parents and carers at where possible
  • Extend children’s involvement into the local community and beyond, developing their understanding of environmental and global issues
  • Provide thorough coverage of the skills, concepts and knowledge set out in the 2014 National Curriculum programmes of study (Classes 1 to 6) and the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (Nursery and Reception).

We are currently working on introducing three Termly Creative Curriculum Projects per year.  Every class has a termly project with an inspiring theme. Children are involved in the planning stages of the project and collaborate in designing an end of project event, in which their learning and achievements are celebrated and shared with parents and carers. Projects so far include:

  • A Class Radio Station – Year Four working with a local student radio station
  • Nurturing Happy Chicken – A foundation stage lifestyle project

Themed Weeks:

Each term, the whole school also participates in themed weeks planned to develop a particular aspect of the curriculum in an exciting, interactive way. These have included Enterprise Week (business and innovation skills), Anti-Bullying Week, Science Week, Fitness Week and Safety Week.

View the Yearly Creative Curriculum Overview 2016-17.

Take One Artist/Take One Poet

In addition to our themed weeks we also run several Take One Days throughout the school year. These days help children to gain a deeper understanding about a particular artist or poet. The children also have the opportunity to reproduce their interpretation of an artist work or performing poems by the chosen poet. These are then celebrated through Performance or Gallery afternoons.


Click here to see the Primary National Curriculum

Click here to see the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

Phonics system

At All Souls, we place a high priority on children acquiring a sound grasp of the phonics system and being able to apply this when reading and writing. From Nursery to Year 2, we use the scheme Letters and Sounds to teach Daily Synthetics Phonics. Parent workshops, homework books and class Meet the Teacher sessions provide extra information on how we teach phonics.

Reading Scheme

At All Souls we use a variety of Guided Reading schemes to enable us to match texts not onlt to a child’s level but also their interest. We aim to choose guided reading texts that have a varied choice of writing styles and genres and a rigorous and systematic introduction of phonics to enable children to make progress in their reading learning journeys. In addition to this, children are encouraged to develop an avid interest in all types of books by borrowing books from the class and school libraries. Regular class visits to our local Marylebone library to borrow books also promote a passion for reading

Every Monday we run a Reading for Pleasure session where parents are actively encouraged to come in a read with their child.

We also have a number of Reading Volunteers from the BBC and All Souls Church who come in a read with individual children in Key Stage Two.

Maths Scheme

From September 2017 we will be exploring a number of different Maths schemes. Currently teachers plan their lessons directly from each year groups assessment objectives.

Each term we run a parent and child maths session. This enables parents to come in a learn with their child and gain a better understanding of how a particular concept is taught.  after each session there is a time for a parent support session with the school’s Maths Lead.