Governors are an integral part of the leadership of any school but understandably few people really know who we are or what we are meant to do.


Our role includes helping the staff with strategic planning for the school and acting as ‘critical friends’ to help ensure we are making the most of the opportunities each child gets in the school.


Governors are drawn from various places. Some, the Foundation governors, are drawn from various church circles and reflect the school was founded by All Souls Church. They are responsible for maintaining the foundation aims of the school to provide an education with not just an academic but a moral and spiritual framework for children from a wide variety of backgrounds.


The local authority appoints some governors too, while still others are elected by the parents and have to be parents of pupils at the school. Governors bring a range of experience and skills and knowledge of the school. As you can imagine some are able to be more around the school than others, but you will find one of us on duty at the gate every Monday morning.


In recent years we have had the excitement of seeing the school make measurable progress in reviews and inspections as we seek to support the staff in bringing an outstanding school to the area and giving an outstanding education to all who come.


The governing body is a group of volunteers who use their skills to help shape the schools ethos and vision. 


  • The role of the governing body is to provide a strategic direction for the school to ensure it delivers a high quality education.
  • To work with the headteacher (who is responsible day to day management) set the school’s aims and policies
  • To act as a critical friend to the headteacher and her senior team
  • To ensure accountability


Chair of Governors - Henry Scutt


Vice Chair of Governors - Luke Ijaz


You can contact any member of the school governing body via the school office.  A member of the governing body is always on the school gate on a Monday morning. They can be identified by their white badge. 

Governing Body - Attendance 2021/22 & Declaration of Interests 2022/23