In order to enable effective teaching and learning to take place, positive engagement and behaviour in all aspects of school life is necessary. Our school family works to maintain and better our welcoming, calm, supportive and safe learning environment in which every person is valued.

We aim to promote a positive attitude in our pupils, creating an environment in which good behaviour is expected, within a climate of trust. We see this as a three-way partnership with pupils, parents and staff all taking responsibility for their actions.

At All Souls we believe all our children are stars and we hope to encourage and support them on their journey to being 'the best that they can be'. We all follow our 'STARS' school rules which are underpinned by our Christian values.

 Show kindness to all.

                      (Compassion, Friendship, Generosity)


Tell the truth. Always be honest.

                      (Truthfulness, Justice, Trust, Forgiveness)


Aim high. Always try our best.                                                                 (Courage, Perseverance, Hope, Humility, Creativity)


Respect ourselves, others and the environment.                                                          (Respect, Service, Thankfulness)


Stay safe. Make safe choices.

                     (Wisdom, Responsibility, Peace )

We also have our Rainbow - the colour system which helps with our behaviour choices.