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Welcome to Year Three

Year 3 Team:

Miss Gluyas - Class Teacher

Year 3 Topic - Amazing Africa

Autumn Term 1 Newsletter and Timetable - coming soon


Year 3 on their first trip to the Sealife Aquarium!

We stopped to get a picture by the Thames. 

We saw lots of amazing sea creatures. We loved the jellyfish the most! 

We were fascinated with the fish swimming underneath our feet. 

We were lucky enough to feed the skate rays. Their food smelt like dog food! 

The starfish were very spiky to touch and we had to wash our hands so we wouldn’t spread any germs.

It was a long way to get to Wildwood, but that didn’t dull the girls’ happiness! 

Year 3 learnt all about how wolves communicate in our Wildwood workshops. Did you know they use their ears to show how they’re feeling?

The Wildwood teachers used a wolf puppet to show how wolves use their facial features to communicate. 

We really enjoyed our lunch break as we got to play on their crazy adventure playground!

Finally we spotted some wolves! They were so interesting to watch and we found 6 of them.

We loved watching the wolves roam around their habitat.

We’ve been learning all about how to keep our teeth healthy. Here are some useful tips from Oskar and Jupiter.

We were investigating the effects of different liquid on our teeth. Which liquid do you think damaged teeth the most?

It was vinegar! It completely dissolved half the egg shell. Keep this liquid away from your teeth!

We’ve also been learning all about the human body this term. We created finger joints that had a finger bone, muscle and a tendon.

Year 3 were lucky enough to have a special lesson with Trevor, who taught us all about the big story of the Bible.

We studied peace in RE and made these lovely people chains that also include messages of peace.

Year 3 were calm and collected before their class assembly. What a professional cast!

How amazing was our class assembly? We combined Under the Sea and the Wolves topic, and showed off our colourful aquariums.