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All Souls C of E Primary School



The Eco Team have been working extremely hard to meet our Eco targets from last year.  Our three areas of focus are Energy, Waste and Litter and we are pleased to report that we have made great progress in all these areas. 
The Eco Team designed posters encouraging students and staff to save energy by turning off lights and computers.  These have been a great success and we hope they have helped reduced our school energy consumption. 
Our biggest achievement so far has been our new recycling scheme.  After contacting Westminster Council in order to request a weekly recycling collection for our school, we set up recycling bins in all classrooms, staff room, lunch hall and both playgrounds.  We presented our new recycling scheme to the whole school in an assembly demonstrating to students and staff which items of waste we could and could not recycle.  We were also lucky enough to be visited by someone from the council who kindly did a presentation for us on further ways we could help our school recycle. Furthermore we held a whole school competition to design a poster to promote our new recycling scheme with fun recycled prizes. 
We have also used all of our new knowledge and experiences to be involved in a video creating awareness about recycling for the Westminster Council. We are very excited to see the finished video! 
Our next focus will be on plastics and how to reduce the amount of single use plastics around the school.  We plan to create a whole school sculpture using plastic to bring awareness to the damage they cause to the environment. 
As always, please speak to a member of the Eco Team or check out our Eco Board if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions!