The Village


The Village is an Autism Resource Provision (ARP), within All Souls Primary School, for children with a diagnosis of Autism and an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).




The Village opened in September 2019, with four children.  Our intake will be staggered to ensure children have a calm and settled transition.  When full, the provision will have space for 10 children whose needs cannot be fully met in a mainstream classroom.  These children will be split across two classrooms, each with a class teacher and two learning support assistants.




We use a range of approaches with the children including, SCERTS, PECS, Colourful Semantics, Attention Autism and TEEACH.

Our team work closely with parents, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and other professionals to develop personalised programmes for our children.

As well as specialist support in The Village, children are linked to a mainstream class, where they have opportunities to learn alongside their peers. Inclusion is an important aspect of The Village and ensuring children access learning opportunities with their mainstream peers is a priority.  These sessions either take place:

  • in their link class, where our children join the whole class session.
  • as reverse inclusion, where the children’s peers join an activity within the ARP.

This will depend on their independence skills and academic abilities. Wherever possible the children will join their class for special activities, trips and projects.




The Village is a low arousal, communication friendly environment and our children have access to a sensory room and soft play room for a variety of therapies and interventions. 


Additionally, for any children who find it difficult to enter a busy building, we have a separate entrance that The Village children can access.




Admissions to The Village are separate to mainstream admissions.  Decisions will be made by the Local Authority SEN panel in conjunction with the school.